Japanese Cuisine


We are open the door.

11:30-14:30           and         17:30-22:00 




How to Order:

1. Visit our order online web page https://www.tatsushi.co.nz/shop

2. Select your order.

3. Enter your details 

4. Pay by Credit card on the web site or Pay contact less Method by Eftpos when pick up your food.

5. We'll process your order and confirm via email or text when it will be available to collect in front of restaurant.

6. Pick up your order at the designated spot in front of restaurant


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True and Classic Japanese cuisine in Wellington.

Authentic Japanese cuisine since AUG 2012.


Our Kodawari

Kodawari means obsession with cooking and food.

Dashi Broth

Using real bonito flake and konbu seaweed.

Steamed Rice

Delicious rice can be cooked with “Kamado-cooked”.


Our chefs are well trained in Japan and here.

Green Tea

Varieties of Japanese Green tea from Japan.